SCUPLTURES and paintings by two very different artists are on show at Tenby Museum and Art Gallery until October.

Sculptor Darren Yeadon, based in Goodwick, will be exhibiting his monumental Weirdstones alongside abstract paintings by Heather Nixon.

His background is in stonemasonry and quarrying but he has inspired by the work of Dali, Picasso and Michelangelo.

"I have worked with most types of stone, marble, granite but nothing is as 'alive' as Whitby stone. Its full of silver sparkles. That's the minerals in it, it's a bit gritty soft and irregular," he says.

"The colours are incredible and the way it weathers is the most beautiful. Look at the lighthouses and pier stones jutting out from Whitby into the North Sea. The pitted weathering forms patterns that only nature can create."

Growing up in Whitby also inspired him in terms of sea creatures, fish, fossils etc.

"A childhood of rock pooling and fossil collecting must have formed a basis for my work.The ammonite is a symbol of Whitby and goes with my childhood," he says.

Heather Nixon attended art school in Cardiff and Berlin and lived in Palestine for seven years, alternating between her studio in Pembrokeshire and a residency at The British School of

Archaeology In Jerusalem.

"Back in Pembrokeshire periodically I loved the peaceful contrast to the tensions of

Jerusalem, Jordan and Syria. I recognised a deep connection between the two

places; both sites of spiritual pilgrimage and great natural beauty, one free, one

under occupation. My work developed to express a feeling of uncertainty amidst

the vitality of a unique place."

The exhibition opens on Saturday and runs until October 1.