A 21-YEAR-OLD Milford Haven woman was told she needed to “get a grip” on her life by a district judge on Tuesday.

District judge Vivian Manning-Davies said Kelly Marie Picton, of Bunkers Hill, had a big record for someone her age, when she appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates court.

Picton pleaded guilty to stealing from Tesco in Milford Haven on two separate occasions.

The court heard Picton stole a crate of Carlsberg worth £15 on June 15 and £10 of groceries on July 2.

Picton was sent to prison on July 11 and the judge said it was a shame the thefts were not dealt withonthesameday.

Judge Manning-Davies said: “She thorougly deserves custody but that was served in July.”

The court heard Picton had an issue with drink and committed the offences while under the influence of alcohol, but had resolved those issues in custody and Picton told the judge she had changed.

She was given a conditional discharge to run concurrently for 12 months and ordered to pay £25 compensation to Tesco.