The Milford Haven town clock, which has been broken for five weeks, should be back to normal in no time.

Residents have expressed concerns about the clock in the town’s Market Square, which has been missing its hands for about five weeks.

Keith Lillycrop, of Marble Hall Close, said: “I notice it all the time, the clock chimes on the hour but there’s no visible sign to say what the time is.

“With all the extortionate council taxes, it’s only right that something should be done about the clock, because it is an integral part of the town.”

He added: “If someone’s in town and they don’t have a time piece on them, they do depend on it.”

The clock’s hands, which were stuck in one position for ten months last year, were fixed in October 2012, but broke again just before Christmas.

Pembrokeshire County Council, which is responsible for the clock’s maintenance, has now contacted repair firm Smith of Derby, which has removed the inner workings of the clock and its hands for repair work to be carried out.

The hands are expected to be put back any time now.