New Pembrokeshire County Council Group aims to 'increase transparency and tackle excessive pay'

12:59pm Thursday 28th November 2013

A new group has been formed on Pembrokeshire County Council and presented a manifesto of policies and objectives – including improved openness and transparency at County Hall and “an end to excessive pay of senior officers.”

The Pembrokeshire Alliance Group – currently made up of Cllrs Peter Stock, Bob Kilmister and Jonathan Nutting – say they want to “eliminate patronage” by having councillors apply in writing for all positions of responsibility.

“We want to see the most able and committed people filling these roles, not the most loyal”, the group said.

They add: “We put Pembrokeshire before any political allegiance and want to see it remain a county run and scrutinised by its residents.”

The group says it is hoping to recruit other members shortly and will be looking for candidates when the council elections come around.

The members have published a six page ‘explanatory document’ outlining the group’s aims and objectives.

“No other group in Pembrokeshire has a manifesto/guiding principles that focus purely on Pembrokeshire,” a statement said.

Number one in the list of key objectives is: “To run a county council which is open and transparent”.

It goes on to say: “As a general principle, we want to delegate more decision-makin power from the current Cabinet system to a larger number of councillors, and where possible, to town and community councils. We want to see an end to the excessive pay of senior staff.”

Other key objectives are encouraging businesses, protecting the most vulnerable in society, providing affordable housing for young people, a fully integrated economic model for the county, promoting community and voluntary work and promoting good practice in education.

Pembrokeshire County Council is currently under the control of the Independent Plus Group, led by Cllr Jamie Adams.

Read the Pembrokeshire Alliance manifesto here: Pembrokeshire Alliance.pdf


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