A BID to get the council to review the catchment area of Coastlands School, St Ishmaels, before the end of this school year has been deferred until 2014/15.

Labour leader and Neyland west member, Cllr Paul Miller, called on the council to undertake a review because the catchment area is “somewhat of an anomaly”, which is causing “real issues” for parents.

In a written submission, he stated: “Children from my ward in the villages of Waterston, Mastlebridge and Llanstadwell have to travel at least 9.4 miles to Coastlands School in St Ishmaels.

“Not only do they have to travel nine miles but they also have to travel past all of the junior schools in Milford Haven / Hakin / Hubberston and away from Neyland Community School, which is located within our community and is at most 2.4 miles away door-to-door.”

Cabinet member for education, Cllr Ken Rowlands, said he had “sympathy” with the people in the area and the problem needed to be addressed, but moved a recommendation for a review to be deferred until “a wider review of provision in Haverfordwest, Neyland and Milford Haven” is undertaken.

“I know the situation has existed for about 20 years,” said cabinet and Neyland east member Cllr Simon Hancock. “I hope that [the review] will be expedited as quickly as possible.”

Cabinet members voted in favour of deferring the review at a meeting on Monday (December 2).