A COUNTY councillor has apologised after incorrectly stating that regeneration work on a property in Pembroke Dock included rendering on a rear extension.

At a meeting of full council earlier this month, a heated debate took place between Councillor Mike Stoddart and Cllr David Pugh regarding regeneration work to 25 Dimond Street in Pembroke Dock.

The discussion followed a request from Cllr Stoddart for bills of quantities, reports and final accounts to be made available on a confidential basis to council members, as he had previously raised concerns over the money spent on the work.

Cllr Pugh told councillors that figures estimated by Cllr Stoddart regarding rendering work on the property failed to take in to account a side elevation at the rear of the building, and asked: "So whether this is a deliberate untruth, or incompetence on his behalf in not checking the facts, I'll leave you all to decide."

However, after visiting the site last week, Cllr Stoddart found that there is no elevation at the rear of 25 Dimond Street.

In an email reply to Cllr Stoddart, Cllr Pugh said: “I freely admit that we made a mistake in looking at the rear of the properties in Dimond Street and confused numbers 25 and 27. I take full responsibility for the genuine error and hereby offer an unreserved apology for the remarks I made in council regarding the rendering of no 25 Dimond Street.”