TASKER Milward and Sir Thomas Picton schools will be under the microscope following a decision to review education in Haverfordwest.

At a cabinet meeting on Monday (January 13) councillors approved the review, which will look also at the supply and demand of pupil places, the provision of Welsh language education, transport implications and the impact on the community.

The proposal comes following a report in 2013, in which the two schools were awarded points based on four elements: quality and future sustainability of educational provision; sufficiency and accessibility of school places; condition, suitability and standard of school buildings; and value for money.

Higher points in a given category were awarded indicated ‘greater concern’ – with Sir Thomas Picton School scoring zero for the ‘quality and future sustainability of educational provision’, while Tasker Milward School scored 30 in the same category.

In total, Sir Thomas Picton School scored 39, while Tasker Milward School scored 83.

As a result, the Haverfordwest area was identified as a ‘priority for review’.

Objectives for the review include driving up standards of teaching and attainment in all schools, improving educational outcomes for all pupils, ensuring value for money, and helping narrow inequalities in achievement between advantaged and disadvantaged pupils.

A report outlining options and recommendations will be presented to cabinet in the spring.

These options will include maintaining the current two-school set-up, merging the schools, forming a federation, changing how the schools are designated – i.e. age, language, faith – and closure.

Following the review, a preliminary consultation is expected to take place.