PEMBROKESHIRE drivers have claimed more than £15,000 in two years after their vehicles were damaged by large potholes across the county.

A staggering £10,000of tyre and body work damage was caused on a single stretch of road, in just over a week.

A freedom of information request to the county council asked for details of compensation claims made in 2012 and 2013 relating to potholes.

It details 70 claims up to October 3, 2013, with payouts totalling £15,259.

Eight estimates for repairs remain outstanding so the total is likely to rise further.

The single biggest payout is £1,364 for damage sustained on the Bulford Road between Johnston and Tiers Cross.

And the figures show that the Bulford Road was the pothole capital of Pembrokeshire at the time, accounting for 33 of the 70 claims.

Twenty five of those claims related to an eight day period of February, 2013 following the prolonged period of very cold weather, including heavy snow.

Between February 10 and 18 cars were damaged to the tune of £10,000 on the Bulford Road. The notes refer to ‘large potholes’ being the cause.

A spokesman for Pembrokeshire County Council said: “As a minor road, Bulford Road is used by a disproportionately high volume of heavy traffic, including refinery and quarry vehicles.

“Unfortunately, in February last year, over the period of eight days, the repair of a particular pothole proved problematic and several wheels and tyres were damaged on vehicles travelling along the road.”

While the vast majority of the claims for compensation relate to vehicle damage, several also detail personal injury claims.

They include a claim for a broken leg ‘due to uneven road surface’ at Pembroke Ferry in May 2012. The estimate for compensation for the fall and injuries remains outstanding.

Pembrokeshire County Council looks after 2,450km of roads - which is roughly equivalent to driving from Haverfordwest to Edinburgh and back, twice.