THE man accused of murdering a Tenby woman has claimed she was attacked while he was out buying whisky.

Steven Daniel Williams, 30, of Newell Hill, Marsh Road, Tenby, left Joanna Hall’s flat on Cresswell Street to buy whiskey from Sainsburys at about 7.30am on Saturday, March 16, returning at about 7.45am.

He is accused of stabbing Ms Hall 40 times before she died of her injuries 19 days later.

Cross examining Williams at Swansea crown court this morning, Elwen Evans QC, prosecuting, said: “You’re saying during that time somebody unknown goes into the flat without you seeing them, attacks Ms Hall, stabs and slashes her repeatedly and has got rid of the weapon or weapons and is totally out of the flat before you return?”

“Yes”, Williams said.

The jury was shown CCTV of Williams on his way to Sainsburys and he was asked if he had blood stains on his jeans in the images?

“It looks like it,” he said.

The court had previously heard claims that Ms Hall had been self harming.

When Williams was asked why he didn’t think to ring 999 on his return to the flat he said he had “panicked” and that he had never been in that situation before and didn’t know what to do.

Ms Evans said there’s a mad murderer on the loose, he’s just stabbed the woman whose company you were in and you did not think to tell the police?

“No,” said Williams.

Williams denies murder and the trial continues.