A REVIEW of secondary education in Haverfordwest will be presented to Pembrokeshire County Council’s cabinet members next week.

The cabinet agreed on January 13 a review should be undertaken outlining options for education provision in the town.

Aspects taken into consideration include standards in the two secondary schools – Sir Thomas Picton and Tasker Milward – supply and demand of pupil places, condition of buildings and value for money.

Among the review’s conclusions are that the quality of education and the level of forecast spare places at Tasker Milward VC School are causing concern, and that both buildings are in a poor condition.

Eight options are put forward for further consideration.

Some of the options include retaining the status quo, federating the two schools on two sites, or closing both and establishing a new school.

The cabinet will be recommended to approve preliminary consultation on all eight options.

The review states the aim of such a consultation would be to secure efficient education provision and promote higher standards in the Haverfordwest area.

The consultation would be done in parallel with the consultation on education provision in the St Davids area, which was agreed by cabinet in November 2013.