A PLANNING application to build an industrial facility at Pembroke Dock to convert oily sludge into electricity has been submitted to Pembrokeshire County Council.

The application by Cardiff-based Baracud Energy Ltd is to develop on land at Waterloo Industrial site owned by Ledwood Mechanical Engineering Ltd.

According to a design and access statement prepared on behalf of the applicant, the process involves “residual product” from the Pembrokeshire oil refinery industry converted into gas to “generate low carbon electricity” for the National Grid.

The proposed development includes the construction of two large buildings to house a gasification or pyroliser unit and gas turbines, along with a stack and associated external works.

Ledwood uses about 8,700m2 of the site, leaving 23,000m2 of space for further development.

The facility could generate up to 6MW with an expected 48%+ efficiency rate, compared to about 40% for fossil fuel power plants.

Estimates suggest about 478kg of carbon dioxide would be generated per MW, compared to about 552kg per MW in generating conventional hydrocarbon electricity, according to the application.

Twelve full-time jobs – comprising eight operators, three technical engineering roles and one administrative position – would be created.

The statement added: “This is a new, emerging technology and its development within Pembrokeshire will raise the profile of the county on a national and international level.

“Further development could lead to the creation of a skilled manufacturing job-base and by linking with the reputable training department at Pembrokeshire College, a centre of excellence in this industry could be established within the county.”

The deadline for comments is February 26.