A BID to once again question the position of Pembrokeshire County Council’s chief executive is due to be debated at next week’s Full Council meeting.

The Pembrokeshire Alliance Group has submitted a Notice of Motion which states: “That this Council has no confidence in the Chief Executive Officer Mr Bryn Parry-Jones.”

The same notice has been submitted by a number of other opposition councillors including Cllr Paul Miller, leader of the Labour group, non affiliated Cllr Viv Stoddart and Cllr David Bryan of the Conservative group.

Plaid Cymru leader in County Hall Cllr Michael Williams said that the group was ‘fully supportive’ of the notice.

At a meeting on February 14 to discuss controversial pension arrangements taken up by the chief executive and another senior officer, a Notice of Motion calling for the suspension of Mr Parry-Jones while investigations into the matter are carried out by Gloucestershire Police was withdrawn.

Discussion of the notice was curtailed following advice by Timothy Kerr QC who advised councillors who had expressed a negative opinion in the press that they may be at risk of having predetermined their position.

Cllr Bob Kilmister, of Pembrokeshire Alliance, said the group was ‘determined to bring about a real democratic transformation to our county’.

“Those currently in charge are bringing the name of the county into disrepute with Welsh Government now openly referring to us as the ‘Wild West’. There is a real threat that unless we put our house in order quickly those who want to see Pembrokeshire disappear will have every excuse for doing so,” he added.

A number of questions relating to the pensions policy, which has now been rescinded following its declaration of ‘unlawful’ by the Wales Audit Office, have also been submitted by Pembrokeshire Alliance.

These included: “Will the leader tell all members when they can expect to be able to view all the documents relating to the recent Wales Audit Office public interest report?

“Is the leader going to apologise to the public of Pembrokeshire for incurring additional costs, and bringing the name of this council into disrepute by defending the indefensible over the decisions taken by the Senior Staff Committee on 28/09/11?

“Did the cabinet meet with the Monitoring Officer to discuss the Extraordinary Council in advance of that meeting? If so, where and when, and are minutes available for inspection?”

And: “Does the leader agree with me that his council has never been held in lower regard by the residents of Pembrokeshire than at this point?”

The Full Council meeting will be held at County Hall next Thursday, March 6, at 10am and is open to the public.