PLANS that could see Milford Haven transformed into Pembrokeshire’s newest tourist ‘destination’ will go on display next week.

Local people are invited to take a closer look at the Port of Milford Haven’s plans to redevelop Milford Docks, before a planning application is submitted to the county council.

Jeff Teague, estates director for the Port, said that the Milford Dock Master Plan aims to regenerate the entire town of Milford Haven.

He said: “Our plan is for the Dock to become Pembrokeshire’s newest visitor destination - a centrepiece for marine-leisure, retail and fishing.

“By providing additional quality leisure and entertainment facilities we will create an enhanced attraction for visitors; studies have revealed there is potential for Milford Haven to attract an extra 10% of the county’s visitors each year, around 400,000 people.

“This tourism boost should spill out across the entire area, and of course all of this will create new employment opportunities for local people and bring prosperity to the town, an aim at the forefront of our minds from the outset.”

The Port has been consulting on its Milford Dock Master Plan since 2012 and hundreds of people have given their opinion on what the Dock development should look like.

Detailed proposals for the development will be on display at a public exhibition from 3pm until 8pm, on Thursday, March 27, at Suite 13, Cedar Court, Milford Haven.