A Pembrokeshire couple have made the Australian headlines after an unusual, high-adrenaline, romantic proposal.

Earlier this month Haverfordwest man Luke Harding proposed to his girlfriend Rachel Hughes whilst on a skydiving experience in Perth, Australia.

Luke who previously worked at Celtic Quest Coasteering, and who has always enjoyed adrenaline activities felt an unforgettable experience such as skydiving would be the appropriate gesture for his wedding proposal.

Luke explains “Going down on one knee in a restaurant just isn't me as I'm sure most people knowing me would agree.

"So it had to be something that fitted my personality.

"A skydive seemed the most logical thing, it was then a question of finding a company who could accommodate my request and also at a location of pure natural beauty!!”

The couple experienced a 1,500 ft Tandem Skydive over some of the most the scenic bays in Western Australia before landing onto the beach.

When Rachel landed she was greeted with a bouquet of red roses and a sparking engagement ring by Luke who touched down just a few minutes before.

Southern Skydivers who facilitated the skydive captured the entire experience on video.

In just over a week the video has received over 100 views on YouTube.

Luke says “It’s safe to say this day could not have gone any more perfect even if I'd tried.

"One surprise after another after another has set me a very high bench mark to surpass and leaving us both a day we will never forget!”