A MILFORD Haven woman was ‘queen for a day’ as she celebrated her 100th birthday at a special party last week.

Born and raised in the town, Miss Nancy Llewellyn was the eldest of five daughters to the Llewellyn Brothers furniture business on Charles Street.

Speaking at her party at Kensington Court, Steynton, where she now lives, on Monday, March 24, Miss Llewellyn said she had enjoyed a very happy life.

“Perhaps the secret is a contented life,” she said.

She said she had been privileged to have very good parents, and a happy childhood – with plenty of trips to the seaside.

Miss Llewellyn attended school at Tasker’s School for Girls in Haverfordwest, before leaving aged 16 to become a book-keeper at the family business. Later, she worked in the office at the fire guard in Robert Street during the Second World War.

A keen theatre-lover, she also loves seeing her six nephews and nieces and their families, and likes reading about the local news.

Wishing Miss Llewellyn a happy birthday on behalf of everyone in the town, Mayor Cllr Yvonne Southwell said that there “must be something in the air in Milford Haven”, as this was the second 100th birthday party she had been to in a week.

The Mayor also joked that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, had “obviously taken fashion tips” from the birthday girl, as the Queen was pictured wearing an almost identical outfit on the front of her card to Miss Llewellyn.

“Maybe I am queen for the day,” said Miss Llewellyn

Graham Holmes, director of Pembrokeshire Housing wished Miss Llewellyn happy birthday from her ‘extended family’ at Kensington Court.

“This is a first for me; I’ve never had the pleasure of saying happy birthday to someone who is 100 before,” he said.

Karen Brown, scheme manager at Kensington Court, said it had been a pleasure to know such an “inspiring lady”.