FIVE teams of South Hook LNG staff volunteered to spend another productive day helping the local community recently.

Armed with paint brushes, gloves and gardening tools, the teams spent a sunny day working with some of the volunteers that support a number of different community groups, including Pembroke 21C Community Association, Pembrokeshire FRAME, Narberth’s Bloomfield Community Centre and Mind Pembrokeshire.

The groups carried out tasks such as charcoal-making, painting, gardening, dismantling sheds and restoring furniture.

Rhiannon Mortimer-Thomas, South Hook LNG maintenance planning assistance, one of the volunteers, said: “This was a fantastic opportunity to get an insight into what Pembrokeshire FRAME actually does for our community. I had no idea how big the charity was and how many volunteers they rely on to keep it functioning day-to-day”.

Proud to be able to support many community groups and projects over the years, South Hook LNG’s community development programme is dedicated to continuing support in areas of safety, the environment, education and wellbeing, key areas that drive the day-to-day activities of the terminal.

“Our people are our greatest asset,” said Yasser S. Al Jaidah, director and general manager at South Hook LNG.

“Our community days are a great opportunity for our staff to spend some valuable time supporting just a few of the wonderful community groups that operate across our county.”

The day was organised with the support of Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS).