THE Mayor of Neyland has set up his own website to help him stay in touch with the community.

Cllr Simon Hancock, who is currently serving as mayor for the sixth time, has established to let local people know what is going on in the town.

It will also be a way for Cllr Hancock, who also serves as a county councillor, to let people know what he doing to help make his ward a better place.

“I wanted a forum to show what specific ward work I am doing as a county councillor and also to provide the community of Neyland with a news forum since we don't have a community newsletter as such,” said Cllr Hancock.

“I work really hard to represent the interests of my constituents as both a town and county

councillor,” Cllr Hancock says on his website.

“I am always accessible... even on holiday!”

The website features a community calendar, and Cllr Hancock is encouraging all local pubs, clubs, groups and societies to get in touch with their events.

There is also an archive section, showing the “fascinating heritage” of Neyland and Llanstadwell.