AN AUTHOR from Milford Haven has visited two local schools to share the exploits of time-travelling adventurer Tommy Parker.

‘Tommy Parker: Destiny will find you!’ is the exciting debut novel from 35-year-old Anthony Ormond, who was born in Haverfordwest and grew up in Milford Haven.

It tells the story of 12-year-old Tommy Parker, who inherits a magical pen from his Grandpa that enables him to enter into his memories – and alter them too.

And so begins a dangerous battle through time where Tommy and his friends have to protect the pen from a deadly cult who will stop at nothing to use it to unleash an unspeakable evil into the world.

Now living in Cardiff and working as a solicitor, Anthony says that – despite its far-fetched theme – much of the book is based on his own childhood in Pembrokeshire.

“Most of the incidents or scrapes that Tommy and his friends get into, I actually got up to as a boy,” he said.

“Readers will recognise a lot of local Pembrokeshire landmarks and there are also plenty of Milford characters mentioned in it too - some I've changed the names of and some I haven't - I hope that the latter will forgive me!”

Accompanied by local writer Bill Carne, Anthony recently visited Sir Thomas Picton and Ysgol Dewi Sant to talk about the book.

“It was brilliant to see how enthusiastic the children were about the writing process and it is clear that they all had terrific imaginations,” he said.

“I was surprised, at age 12 and 13, how many of them have written short stories already and have a real interest in writing as a potential career.”

“The Ysgol Dewi Sant pupils were particularly thrilled to learn that their head teacher actually features in the book,” he added.

As well as enjoying a ride through history, he said he hopes the book will help young readers cope with the every day struggles of growing up, such as homework, bullying and the loss of a loved one.

"The sky really is the limit with a story like this one," he said.

"But I also wanted to keep part of the story grounded, so that the reader can relate to the central characters."

Anthony already has plans for a follow-up to Tommy Parker: Destiny will find you!, which is available as a Kindle download and in paperback.