A SERIES of intricate illustrations by a Llangwm artist are bringing a touch of Wales to the walls of a New York restaurant.

Fran Evans's artworks, depicting a range of Welsh myths and legends, are now being enjoyed by diners from all over the world at the Sunken Hundred Bar and Restaurant, in Brooklyn.

Fran had previously illustrated several Celtic tales, including Cantref Gwaelod - from which the restaurant takes its name - for Tales From The Deep, a book by Cerys Matthews.

In 2016, she was approached by restaurant owners Illtyd and Dominic Barrett, originally from Milford Haven.

O Dan y Mor is a hauntingly beautiful interpretation of the legend of the 'sunken hundred', showing a submerged kingdom where creatures have adapted to an aquatic habitat.

Seithenyn depicts the culprit who failed to close the sluice gates of Cantref Gwaelod after drowning his sorrows in the local ale, resulting in the flooding of Cardigan bay,

Although full of fantasy, Fran said several of the pieces were modelled on people she knows.

"I asked a friend who lives just up the road from me in Llangwm to model - or slump - for me for Seithenyn, and he did it effortlessly," said Fran.

Another friend posed majestically for the initial sketches of King Gwyddno, who ruled the kingdom of Cantref Gwaelod.

And her own reflection in a window provided a starting point for her imagining of Welsh water sprite the Morgen, with the deep pools and kelp of St Brides Bay at low tide adding another dimension.

Her most recent illustration, Bendigeidfran, is a character from the Mabinogion - a collection of tales in Welsh culture, folklore and myths.

A giant who is brought news of his sister's troubled life in Ireland by her pet starling, this image started life as sketches of Llangwm rugby coach.

"The tattoos and adornments were added though!" said Fran.

Eight further works, including witches, princesses and other fantastical creatures, will complete the series, and who knows how many local 'characters' will help bring them to life.