FRIENDS of a Milford Haven woman awaiting surgery for a brain tumour are raising money to help support her recovery.

Twenty-four-year-old India Morley has neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2), a genetic condition that causes tumours to grow along her nerves.

She has four tumours, one on each side of her brain, and two on her spine.

Although benign (non-cancerous), the pressure of the largest tumour – which measures 3cm across - on her nerves has caused India to lose part of her hearing in one ear.

There is currently no cure for TF2, and a 10-hour operation is the only way to remove the tumour.

But because of the resulting damage to the nerve, India will lose her hearing completely in one ear.

India was due to have surgery in Cardiff this Sunday, but the operation has now been rescheduled until the end of April.

While she recovers, India will be unable to work for at least three months, and family and friends are now trying to raise £3,000, to fund round-the-clock care for when she is released from hospital.

Jessica Mullins, who is among those fundraising, said: “India is one of the sweetest, kindest girls I've ever met.

“She will be intensive care for a while after the operation, but we are trying to raise as much funds as possible because India will still need round-the-clock care when she comes home.”

India first went to the doctors in August 2015, after experiencing hearing loss and terrible headaches.

“The doctor checked my ears and they were clean of wax so he referred me for a hearing test at Withybush hospital,” said India.

“The hearing test came back really bad.

“I then had someone ask me if there was a reason for my hearing loss.

“I said no, so I then got referred for an MRI brain scan and that's when the tumours got noticed.”

“Because of the size of the left one on my brain it is the number one priority,” she told the Milford Mercury.

“I've lost more than half my hearing in my left ear.

“I get headaches due to the size of the tumour and it pushing against different nerves in my brain.”

A fundraising page has been set up by Roxanne Kucyj, and you can donate by clicking here.