COASTLANDS School has been named the first school in Pembrokeshire to achieve Bee Friendly status.

Run by Welsh Government, the scheme is all about people taking action to help all pollinators, not just bees.

Pollinators are essential to the environment and to humans.

The economic value of honey bees and bumblebees as pollinators of commercially grown insect-pollinated crops in the UK has been estimated at over £200million per year.

But bees are declining nationwide and need all the help they can get.

Coastlands School has pledged to provide pollinator-friendly flowers throughout the year, to provide places for insect pollinators to live, to avoid harmful chemicals and to involve the community in raising awareness of the importance of pollinators.

The Eco Warriors at Coastlands School are proud to be amongst those leading the way to make Wales the first Pollinator-Friendly nation in the world.

Head Teacher Mr Evans said: “The pupils are working hard to not only improve our school grounds for bees, but also to raise wider awareness of their importance; it is more than an environmental issue, it helps them to understand global responsibility."

Eco Warrior Ebony, whose winning school grounds mascot entry was a bee, said: “Bees are wonderful. I don't want people to be scared of them, I want them to like them.”