THE quiet streets of Llanstadwell may soon welcome an influx of ghost hunters, thanks to a new 'alternative' tourism website.

Land of Legends is helping visitors plan their trip to Wales based around the county's wealth of history, myths and legends.

Unusual and unexpected stories about pirates, rebels, smugglers and lost lovers have been brought together in one place online for the very first time, through the partner project, led by Literature Wales.

Among the locations highlighted on the site's interactive map is Llanstadwell, where it is said an old woman in a ragged dress and emitting an eerie blue glow is said to walk along Waterston Road.

Known as the Waterston Lady, she is one of Pembrokeshire's most prolific ghost sighting.

Sometimes spotted holding a bundle of rags, she is most commonly seen between the hours of 10pm and midnight on Saturdays.

A ghostly horse and carriage has also been spotted on the same road, further west towards Blackbridge.

Dare you walk this quiet stretch of road late at night, flanked by woods and fields?

Across the county, Pembroke Castle and a gnarled Crooked Oak on the banks of the Cleddau River also feature.

World-renowned novelist Philippa Gregory based many of her popular historical fiction novels at the castle, the birth place of Henry Tudor.

And celebrated poet Waldo Williams immortalised the dawn view over the Cleddau in in his poem Y Dderwen Gam.

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