THE head teacher of a Milford Haven primary school has sent an inspirational message to parents, ahead of three days of national reading and numeracy tests.

Sonja Groves, of the Meads, posted the message on the school's Facebook page last night (Sunday), and it has already been shared more than 50 times.

The message reads:

"Dear Parents of Year 2,

"Tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday our Year 2 children will sit their national tests in reading and numeracy.

"Please help your children do as well as possible by making sure they go to bed early and are in school on time as the tests start straight after the register is taken.

"Testing children in these things gives a tiny snippet of information about your child.

"It tells us how they perform on certain mornings during a year.

"It may show us which children can perform in a test situation.

"Hopefully these tests will reflect some of the tremendous hard work that has been put in by our staff and children on their school journey so far.

"However what these tests do not tell us is vast.

"These tests will not tell us that your child will share willingly with a smile on their face.

"These tests will not tell us that your child is kind, compassionate and caring often to be found sitting with those who need a bit of help.

"These tests will not tell us that your child is outstanding at sport, art, music, drama, investigating problems or thinking creatively.

"Nor will these tests tell us about the incredible potential that your child has to change our world.

"Please don't worry about this... we don't need any tests to tell us these things.

"We already know!"