AN ANGLE group has come together to fight the introduction of parking fees at West Angle Bay Car Park.

John Allen-Mirehouse, whose family dedicated the land, has joined with a group of community councillors and a local business owner to fight the fees, which they say could be damaging to the area.

Mr Allen-Mirehouse said that his family donated the land after cars started parking on the street in the village.

“To stop that and to free up the road my parents decided that the end of this field would make a very good car park," Mr Allen-Mirehouse said.

“They decided not to charge for it, partly because it seemed rather unfair to charge for something that people had always had access to.”

When the land was sold for £1 to the local authority, the deed was left ambiguous and did not specify that parking had to remain free, which Mr Allen-Mirehouse acknowledged, but said there had been a “gentleman’s agreement.”

Andy Hill, a community councillor, said that this was widely acknowledged at the time, with council planning officers referring to the car park as “West Angle Bay Free Car Park” in documents as far back as the 1970s.

A sign erected by the National Parks in 1967 said that the land had been given “for use as a free car park in perpetuity.”

Jade Griffiths who owns the Wavecrest Café with her family said she was concerned about the impact the proposals would have on families and local businesses.

“People come down because they know it’s a safe beach, a family beach. Speaking to local people they’ve said, ‘well we just won’t come down there then.’

“We’ve taken over this business as a family, we’ve put a lot into it and it’s going to have a massive impact on us.”

Mr Allen- Mirehouse added: “I think all of Angle would regard it as a breach of faith if the national park if they did charge.

“Angle is a long way out, we’re at a severe disadvantage when it comes to tourism, but we have something here that works.

A National Park Authority spokesman said: “Plans to introduce charging at West Angle Bay were first discussed by Members of the Authority in November 2016 and were approved in principle in November 2017.

“Officers met with Angle Community Council earlier this year to discuss these plans and address any concerns raised.

“Before any charges are introduced, the Authority will need to work with the local highway authority to revise the Off-Street Parking Order. This process would include a formal public consultation period, which would be promoted via public notices, press releases and online.”

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