Members of the South Hook LNG Noise Group are gathering information in their ongoing fight to quell noise coming from the site.

Last week, the Milford Mercury reported that a website set up by the group, www.southhooknoise., had gained 700 hits.

That figure has now risen to almost 1,800.

“It seems the more information we source, the more issues we unearth,” read a group statement.

“A report on March 23, 2009, regarding noise emanating from the first LNG tanker to arrive, was reported as a temporary issue.

“Fourteen months on, we still have the same issues with the majority of vessels arriving at South Hook LNG, yet the company has failed to comment.”

The group says that a number of vessels have been registered as statutory nuisances by the Pembrokeshire County Council Port Health team, yet they still return to the terminal.

They also claim the issue is affecting people as far away as Dale, Hasguard and Angle.

“It is having a horrendous impact on where we live,” said group member Becky Sime, who lives in Hasguard.

“There is a low frequency drumming noise which goes on all day and all night.”

The group, which has about 30 members, said they were not a protest group: “We are not trying to close the terminal down.

“All we are encouraging is that local residents suffering from the issues contact the Port Health team so they can investigate the matter.”

The level at which noise constitutes a ‘nuisance’ is not qualified by legislation. It is up to Pembrokeshire County Council’s port health officers to decide whether the noise can spoil the ‘use’ or ‘enjoyment’ of a resident.

A spokesman for South Hook maintained the issue was only affecting nearby residents.

“South Hook recognises that some residents in the immediate vicinity have concerns regarding ship noise,” a spokesman said “We continue to work closely with the ships operating company and the relevant local authorities to support on-going and co-ordinated efforts to address the issue.”