I WONDER if the good folk of Carmarthenshire realised that when they swung the vote that gave life to the Welsh Assembly they would be rewarded by having 61 large wind generators imposed, undemocratically, on the beautiful Welsh countryside known as the Brechfa Forest?

Indeed, the Welsh government with its TAN 8 has betrayed people across the whole of Wales, for it is not only the uplands of Carmarthenshire that will be desecrated, but other wondrous and untouched places such as Nant-y-Moch.

People need to realise that wind farms play no meaningful part in producing viable electrical energy – the new Power Station in Pembrokeshire, which could easily supply the whole of Wales, stands testimony to this – why build this station if wind farms are the best thing since sliced bread?

To be sure, when at their very best, and with tongue in cheek, these 61 wind generators will produce no more than 122MW, bearing in mind that when there is little, too strong, or no wind, their output will be ZILCH!

Such is the mindless reasoning that drives this wind business – there is an old saying, “Whom God wishes to destroy, he first drives mad!”.