WHAT is the difference between the Tesco stores in Pembroke Dock and Milford Haven, other than population levels of 8,679 and 14,129 respectively?

We are surrounded by refineries producing millions of litres of fuel, however prices in Tesco Milford Haven are £1.32/litre while in Pembroke Dock it is £1.29 (three pence/litre cheaper).

Transportation costs are the same both sides of the harbour yet Milford Haven residents are treated as second class citizens because we do not have an Asda store on our doorstep.

Recently the chief executive Philip Clarke told the BBC that Tesco is “making improvements that customers will notice”. “They are hit by fuel prices, they are hit by taxes, real incomes aren’t growing so people are having to adjust and what we see is that they are starting to buy into supermarket brands more, they’re starting to buy our Everyday Value range... which is up 10% like-for-like.”

All this and pre-tax profits for the six months to August 25th came in at only £1.7bn, down 11.6% from the previous year. Obviously Mr Clarke’s answer to redress this shortfall was by making the people of Milford Haven pay three pence per litre more.

It’s good to know that Tesco’s are as usual “doing us that little bit extra.”