On reading local and national press, the NHS appears to be under constant attack as a service provider. I am sure that, sadly, on some occasions this may be justified.

On December 12th, I was telephoned by the hospital and asked if I would accept a cancellation for my ‘hip replacement’ operation, and attend at 8am the next morning.

I duly attended as requested, and from that point onwards I was treated by the surgeon, anaesthetist, nursing staff, and all working in the hospital with a professionalism that was second to none.

On returning home I was frequently telephoned by the ‘pain-management team’ who constantly worked with me to perfect the pain relief I required. This was followed by visits from a friendly district nurse with an equally caring manner.

It is important to me and those parishioners to whom I have spoken, that our experiences and appreciation are made public, in a culture of constant complaining.

Rev Capt David Evans