I WAS at the Fishguard Town Council meeting referred to in Mr Peter Cross’ letter published in the Western Telegraph on January 2nd.

The Conservation Group is a broad church and many views are represented, but one almost common theme is that the Marina is welcomed.

Indeed, Mr Cross uses much emotive language in his own letter.

I sail from Neyland marina and except for the immediate area of the marina, I see little evidence of benefit to the wider community. However, a more appropriate comparison would be Milford Haven marina. Ask the shop keepers in Milford town centre how they have benefited from the marina development below them. Look at how many commercial units remain unoccupied and how frequently the existing ones change ownership. How many apartments remain unsold? Have the jobs promised by the developer been delivered? I understand that this is being questioned now.

Promises are easily made and rarely delivered.

The Marina development is a disguise for a significant extension to the Harbour Authority area; the Business Development Platform. At 19 acres this constitutes half of the total development.

Once built, the platform will be surrounded by a security fence and any subsequent development can be covered by the Defence of the Realm Act. If so, any new development can by-pass planning requirements with impunity. But this very significant aspect of the “marina”

development is being brushed under the carpet by the developers and the county council.

If the people of Pembrokeshire want to develop the economy, and thereby employment, the county council would be better rewarded in improving the communication routes to potential markets for any new products created here.

May I suggest that with wind generator developments being built at sea west of St David’s Head; with the potential for tidal power generation in our local waters, and with the potential development of gas drilling in Cardigan Bay there is a need for a major marine maintenance facility in the area.

But how many skilled workers do we have who could benefit from such a development?

Will someone in authority please demand an answer to the question “What is the intended use of the Business Development Platform?” The answer needs to be publicised.

Without this knowledge the people of Fishguard and Goodwick are unable to make an informed opinion.

Once this is built we cannot “un-build” it. We need to be certain now.

ANDREW M. CLARK New Hill Villas Goodwick