FURTHER to your report ‘Planners request visit to former turkey farm’, we would like to point out that The Haven Community Council did not support this development in its entirety.

The comments submitted to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority were those contained in the minutes of our November committee meeting as follows: “NP/12/0479, Dwelling and garage Plot 3 off Blockett Lane, Little Haven. NOT SUPPORTED. Councillors felt that the style, mass and detailing of this property is quite inappropriate in this setting. There is no need to try to imitate a farm setting with pseudo silos and dutch barn effect in this new build development.”

The Havens Community Councillors did support three separate applications, namely NP/12/0477, NP/12/0478 and NP/12/0480, for detached dwellings at this site as councillors could see no valid planning reason to oppose them.

However the authority was also asked to take into account councillors’ concerns below: “That the shown new access/egress with visibility splay will involve the removal of a long length of hedge and foliage which will spoil the character of this lane”.

We feel that it is wrong to interpret this as ‘support’ and would appreciate a correction.

CLLR MARY WHITEWRIGHT Chairman, Havens Community Council.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Western Telegraph tries to ensure all matters of fact are reported correctly, and is happy to correct or clarify where we fall below our expected standards, and in cases where we have not received the correct information in the first place.

We apologise for any confusion in this case.