I AM not very often speechless when it comes to the antics of the Independents on Pembrokeshire County Council’s ruling group.

However, council leader Councillor Jamie Adams’ decision to reshuffle Councillor Huw George instead of sacking him is breathtaking.

Talk about rearranging deckchairs. Councillor Adams has a job to do to convince the people of this county that this was the best way to keep afloat his sinking ship.

Children and professionals alike deserve better.

Pembrokeshire needs leadership and that means taking the right decisions, not the politically expedient ones.

Certainly not rewarding failure.

I am not – and I should think most of your readers are not – really that interested in the in-fighting of the IPG, but I am interested in the delivery of education to our children and support for our teachers and school staff.

That is what matters, not jobs for the boys.

So my plea to Councillor Adams is this: get your act together. If you are unable to understand that your actions are creating huge dissent and anger then maybe you should consider your own position.

JOYCE WATSON Assembly member for mid and west Wales