MOST of the residents of Rosebush and the surrounding area are quite frankly fuming with rage at what can only be described as a baying, ignorant mob which engulfed the area during the recent snow.

People parked their cars everywhere, blocking roads, driveways, field and shed entrances, even ignoring road closed signs. Some animals on the surrounding hills couldn’t be fed because farmers couldn’t access the field entrances. Despite numerous calls to the police they seemed overwhelmed by the situation.

Everyone seemed to think it was their God given right to open gates, climb over and break fences and trespass over private land without even having the decency to ask. Then at the end of the day the fields were left littered with rubbish.

May I suggest if people want to play in snow go to a travel agent and book a ski holiday, don’t come to our fields and wreck them, we have more than enough work to do when conditions are this extreme.