I HAVE read with interest the decision of the elected leadership of the County Council to replace the cabinet member for education with another member who has experience of education.

It raises the question why a former policeman, in the first place, was chosen in preference to someone with ‘distinguished’ experience in education.

It also raises questions about the leadership and its advisors and about the decision making skills of other members of the ruling group who have supported the leadership in its decisions over some time, without question.

To their credit two of the ruling group have decided their earlier decisions were faulty. Is it too much to expect other members to consider seriously whether their support has been misguided?

Let us not forget this same leadership has agreed to pay the chief executive more than any other chief executive in Wales contrary to national advice based on the status of the county and its population.

It is to be hoped, for the sake of Pembrokeshire, that this saga has not ended and that other square pegs in round holes will be reviewed.

I am reminded that competence often involves the making of difficult, painful decisions for the common good.

JOHN COLE Westhill Avenue Milford Haven