I FEEL that the Ocean Lab in Goodwick is well used and I see it as a community facility.

I feel that as such it should not necessarily pay for itself, but that there are plenty of ways the facilities could be added to if the council wanted to. I think they should be adding to the facility not thinking of closing it.

The attitude appears to be that because the marina has outline planning permission, the Ocean Lab is not required. I was under the impression that the exhibition, information centre, cafe and soft play area would stay put until phase one of the marina development was in place. Then the facilities would have the opportunity to move into the new development.

If they close the Ocean Lab then we could have ‘x’ number of years without a facility that complements the beach and general area.

Sea Trust, who have their exhibition in the Ocean Lab, have spent thousands of pounds and lots of volunteer time providing beach studies for school groups on the exhibition.

The Ocean Lab is also good for tourists and people using the ferry. When I told my children the facility was under threat they were very upset about the idea.

If you feel the same, there is a petition in the Ocean Lab and in a number of shops in Goodwick and Fishguard and an online questionnaire that needs to be filled in by February 20th.