SPRING 2010 saw the award of a substantial grant from the Low Carbon Communities Challenge to Cymdeithas Cwm Arian towards their renewable energy project for two wind turbines to be sited above Llanfyrnach.

Now, three years later, on the back of two successful campaigns, the first against the siting of a slurry lagoon on the western side of Hermon village, and the second, the provision of a ‘state of the art’ extension to the premises that formerly housed the local primary school, Cwm Arian Renewable Energy (CARE) has submitted a planning application for two wind turbines measuring 77 metres from ground to blade tip, larger than any currently erected in this area.

I find it difficult to understand how an organisation that mounts such vigorous opposition to a proposal to site a slurry lagoon in proximity to Hermon, can nevertheless show little or no consideration for the concerns of residents of a neighbouring village, many of whom may be unaware that this proposal is likely to have a detrimental effect on their property.

I question the double standards, and would urge local residents to think carefully before allowing this project to go ahead.