I HAVE recently been informed that the bingo halls in Pembroke Dock and Milford Haven will be closing down.

While many people will not care, there are many steadfast ‘bingo bashers’ who will be very sad to see them go.

The reason for closure is mainly lack of patronage, the onset of which was the ‘smoking ban’ introduced some time ago.

These premises were originally called ‘bingo and social’ clubs where many people congregated for a fun game, chatted and socialised with friends, and partook of the fare offered by their cafeteria, bar and restaurants. A jolly bunch of friendly people, socialising with little care in the world.

The halls were originally privately owned and were taken over by the ‘big boys’ a few years ago with many subtle changes, and an increase in both admission costs and prize values to boot.

What will the old steadfast punters do with their time; play bingo on their PCs and laptops? I think not!

The majority of the visitors to these two renowned establishments are in their latter years, and the modern technology is alien to them.

I am sure that the few pubs and clubs that provide bingo will be getting an increased patronage in future.

It’s an end to an era, since bingo has been in town for many years after taking over from the previous cinemas that graced the area.

Sad to see them go. What will replace them, a market, a surfing palace, or maybe they will be demolished for yet one more ‘bookies’ or even a car park?

I for one will miss the camaraderie and company.


Charles Street

Milford Haven