I WAS interested to read in the Western Telegraph on February 20th the story entitled “Headstones honour for war casualties”.

These two gentleman are just two of some 5,700 family servicemen’s references and headstones that I have researched covering the years of 1714 to 2010 in Pembrokeshire. I do not go near village or town war memorials.

One of the options offered families of servicemen who died in the UK during war time was the option of not having a CWGC Military type headstone, but having a monetary contribution towards a family headstone, as would appear to have been the case with, not only these two but a good number of others in the same cemetery and other churchyards and cemeteries around the county.

My database holds 113 people with a Pembrokeshire connection killed in air raids in the UK and middle east during World War Two, of which at least 20 are buried at Llanion and have no headstone.

This includes victims who should be, but are not recognised by CWGC.

This also includes a lady mis-identified and buried twice, but that as they say is a whole new story.

Owen Vaughan Pembrokeshire Military headstones 1714 to 2010