BELOW is the letter my [partner] sent to the Welsh health minister. I am very proud of what they had to say.

RE: Withybush Hospital I ask you to consider strongly what the health board is proposing. I do know that we live in an area that has unique challenges, we do not have the infrastructure to support quick transfers, and therefore we both know that money saved equals lives lost.

I wonder if somebody could explain why services seem to be going to Carmarthen when geographically they are closer to Morriston and equally have a better road system? We have industry and tourism which put massive pressure on the area. I pay my taxes and national insurance on the understanding that I will get a standard of services equal to everyone across Wales. My baby needed the services of SCBU and my grandchild is here only for the availability of an emergency section as they went into distress on a “low risk” birth. I shudder to think what may have happened if that service was not available. How can you separate emotion from decisions when were are talking about life the most precious commodity we have?

Please think carefully about your decision and speak for all of us in Wales.