I WRITE with regard to the plans for the new cinema building as per the Chamber of Commerce. One is all for progress and new things to entice the public into the centre of town. Except it’s not quite that simple?

The centre of town, at present, seems to me to be something of “a moveable feast”.

At the “Any Questions” event organised by the valiant Civic Society, a couple of weeks ago, it was expressed that the local authority’s current opinion, the centre of town is now somewhere else rather than Castle Square, (where I’ve always believed it to be).

At the same meeting it was stated that other areas in Haverfordwest are apparently “booming”. Perhaps this might be interpreted that whilst some parts of town are doing well, others are not and those that aren’t seem to be the ones in the town centre.

Why can’t Haverfordwest steal a trick or two from other “booming” holiday destinations?

In the north-east of England there is the Beamish Museum, in Shropshire, there is the Iron Bridge Village, in York there is the “Jorvik Museum”, in London and Edinburgh there are the London & Edinburgh Dungeons, just to name a few. None of which are anywhere near a beach. Even Chester is overrun with places regarding their Roman history. There are even some heritage tourist attractions in other parts of Wales! And what they all have in common is that all reflect the local heritage of their areas. Now why cannot that happen in our town?

Just a thought!

Naturally one doesn’t want Haverfordwest to be a hostage to its history but surely some tourists will be attracted to our heritage and history.

Maybe, however, an indoor heritage tourism site might just be the answer. Even the museum has attracted over 1,200 visitors for the last two years. But now that if there is going to be a “new” town, it would sadly seem that the “old” one can please go elsewhere in a hand-cart! And if that is the case, it must be asked of those who think along those lines, why is this so? Do they not know that it is these things that attract most visitors into the town in the first place. Is anybody out there listening?


Slade Lane