I VISIT Haverfordwest from time to time and have watched the development of the skatepark with great interest.

I drove past the park, just after its opening, and was overwhelmed at the sight of the completed facility, not a concrete eyesore but a piece of modern art nestling into the green surround.

Most impressive was the sight of so many people enjoying the freedom to develop skills, learning to respect each other, learning to accommodate the less confident and exercising in the fresh air.

I made a detour from my journey and parked alongside the park expecting shouts and calls, but no, it was a place buzzing with activity and concentration.

I understand that there is no entrance fee, it is open to all.

People must have dedicated hours over a prolonged period of time, to give not only the people of all ages who will use this park a wonderful place to be, but have added a modern facility to a historic town. Haverfordwest ought to be proud to have this skatepark, which will undoubtedly draw people from beyond the town, and in so doing, bring much-needed rejuvenation to the town centre.

Everyone who brought this idea to fruition should be congratulated and appreciated.