THE saddest day of all of my 40 years holidaying, and for the last 12 years living in Pembrokeshire.

Today, January 4, I went as I often do, with my two labradors, down to Aberereiddi Beach a ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Pembrokeshire Coast.

The vandalism is now complete, the wanton destruction of the car park is now achieved by the decision to remove the sea defences nearly a year ago. This crazy decision on so called ‘elf n’ safety’ grounds has sealed the fate of this popular tourist beach and historically attractive area, the ‘Slate Workers’ row of cottages have now been ravaged by the stormy sea, and at the next storm will probably be completely gone.

Next summer there will simply nowhere for the many tourists to park, even the coastal bus will be hard pressed to turn around (that is, if it hasn’t been ‘axed’ to ‘save’ council paying subsidies).

I am not saying that this storm wasn’t exceptional, it was, but by not re-instating the sea wall after demolishing it, this crazy state of affairs was inevitable.

Ownership squabbles are irrelevant in the face of a stormy sea bent on reclaiming the whole of the west of Wales. The result is a loss for everyone, possibly for ever.

Disgraceful and unforgivable.


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