I WRITE in connection with a planning application which will be heard by the Planning and Public Rights of Way Committee on January 7, relating to the erection of a 45m wind turbine at land north west of Trebover Farm, Llanychaer, Fishguard.

It cannot be stated too strongly how detrimental this development will impact on the locality and the “fact” not “fantasy”

that the feed-in tariff which is massively overpriced, is the only reason such monstrosities are being erected.

The claims by the applicants and/or Transition Bro Gwaun that the twin towns will benefit and somehow bring the area out of fuel poverty is, quite simply, pure nonsense and will, in fact, cause more and more people to struggle with their energy bills.

We simply cannot afford to throw money at these wildlife destroying noisy eyesores.

Whilst creating efficient cost effective energy is always going to be difficult, throwing money at inefficient and pointless turbines which are being systematically dismantled by enlightened countries is madness in the extreme.

Just because some people are happy to throw themselves off the cliff doesn’t mean we all should follow.