A CONTINENTAL tour bus on the way to Ireland overturns at Canaston Bridge.

About the same time there is an incident at South Hook LNG. The nearest hospital is at Withybush but since it has been downgraded to the size of a cottage hospital, all casualties have to be taken to Carmarthen and points east.

But where are the ambulances?

None are available. They are already is use.

I leave it to the imagination of readers what is likely to happen and blame will never be levied on the Select Board Members.

Of course we cannot be prepared for all eventualities which may never happen but at the same time, we must not reduce hospital beds to the barest minimum. There has to be a middle way but that is not about the happen in Pembrokeshire.

Even so I am reminded of the American Military Engineer who, a few years ago, advised the authorities in New Orleans that the levees around the city should be heightened to protect them from an inevitable severe storm deluge only to be told such an event had not happened and was unlikely to happen. Well, we know what happened when Hurricane Katrina struck and how many died.

History is littered with events which were never going to happen.

The people of Pembrokeshire must wake up to the dangers the proposed health plans pose. Do they want to see Withybush to have less than two hundred beds when it was built to house 320?

Do they want to see more and more services moved further east? Do they want to travel at least forty miles to find an A and E department open 24/7? Do they want their children to be born outside Pembrokeshire?

Do they want to travel a hundred miles just to visit someone in hospital?

If the answers to these questions are ‘no’ then take action and join the campaign led by SWAT to save our services.

There is an old proverb ‘Success has many gathers but failure has none’.

John Cole

Westhill Avenue

Milford Haven