AFTER the great turnout on January 4 of 600 or more folk concerned with saving Withybush essential services like the mums, babies and children’s care department ( ‘on the brink of disaster’ ) and possible A&E downgrade lets hope that Sunday, January 26, sees even more of a turnout by all those who don’t wish to lose what Pembrokeshire surely needs to cover any likely medical scenario re Pembroke Power Station, the oil industry, the LNG complex, the farming industry, family tourism including boating around a potentially dangerous coast, the two ferries or the extremes of nature unexpectedly thrown up like the recent storms.

Any serious incident in any of these areas at any time of the day or night making a 30-40 odd mile dash to Carmarthen potentially lethal for any victims.

The 26th will either be a celebration or major protest depending on Cardiff ’s decision on January 21 to either downgrade or leave Withybush fully equipped and staffed to meet any of the above.

600 last time. What about a 1,000 turnout on Sunday?

Rain or shine!

Meanwhile the London Government’s ‘roving trade envoy’ and ‘Minister Without Portfolio’ Conservative MP Kenneth Clarke has this last week been selling the ‘NHS brand’ and ‘British private healthcare’ to China. He has sung the praises of the ‘finest healthcare system in the world’.

I wonder which version of the ‘NHS brand’ he’s peddling for China to practice ? Presumably not the doom and gloom, demoralising version under ‘austerity’ cuts and ‘reform’.

Perhaps a bright, new ‘Royal Mail’ version ?


Prospect Place

Pembroke Dock