ON behalf of Transition Bro Gwaun and in response to the letter from Ms Billett in last week’s paper, I wish point out that we have never claimed that the income from our wind turbine project would ‘bring the area out of fuel poverty’’.

However, we have said that such a project would produce an annual income of £40 - £50,000 to fund low carbon projects in Fishguard and Goodwick and surrounding area.

Not only is that figure on a par with the Town Council’s budget, but, by for example funding projects that are eligible for Feed in Tariff (FIT), additional income would be generated, amounting to approximately twice the original investment.

Contrary to Ms Billett’s assertion, the vast majority of the rise in energy bills over the last decade has been due to pressure on finite resources and not actually due to the climate change levy.

For instance, from 2004 to 2010, the levy added £30 to the average bill while increases in the cost of gas added £290.

Subsidies for renewable energy generation are still well below those received by the non-renewable sector.

No technology is perfect, but wind is one that is relatively well developed and adopted around the world, particularly in Germany and China.

Fortunately there is abundant clean energy all around us, and the sooner we switch over from polluting finite sources the greater the chance of securing a sustainable future.


Lower Town