WITH reference to your article in last week’s Western Telegraph regarding fortnightly bin bag collections.

I was inspired to write to you after I was putting out my black bag for the fortnightly collection.

As now seems normal, it split and used, and I do mean used, cat litter fell out onto my hands, which was not enjoyable.

I have only just started using the new black bags that have been brought into use by PCC, as I had some old ones to use.

These were about six inches longer and about 1ft larger in circumference, and they fitted into the standard dustbin perfectly.

The new ones are almost too small for the dustbin and keep falling into the bin.

Then, of course, they are so weak that they split when being lifted out, and another bag has to be put around them to stop complete failure.

There may have been some sense in having these smaller and thinner bags when it was a weekly collection, but to introduce them when fortnightly collection was about to begin, shows total irresponsibility.

I would like to beg them, through your pages, to go back to the old size and strength.


Pembroke Road