I AM sure that Mr Scott isn’t the only one who dislikes politicians popping up in newspapers, but I think he must be alone in having such a blinkered political view point. Whether we like it or not, politicians try to get in the press. That is part of their job and in turn raises the profile of the charity/ organisation/campaign they are promoting.

As for foodbanks, Mr Scott is entirely right about the fantastic job that PATCH does in Pembrokeshire. However, in criticising Stephen Crabb, he seems to ignore the fact that people started using foodbanks on a large scale long before Mr Crabb’s Party went into Government.

An investigation into foodbank use would, I suspect, only tell us what we already know. Following the financial crash of 2007-08, overseen by the Labour Party, the UK entered a recession. In recessions, people lose their jobs, pay falls and times are tough for a lot of people, I am currently going through a period of uncertainty in my employment.

I know things are still tough – I’m sure we’ve all been affected financially over the last few years. But the fact is there is very little money for the Government to spend.

Even if there was, just spending money isn’t going to make things automatically better. I have, however, been particularly impressed with Government for freezing fuel duty and taking some of the lowest paid out of income tax. There is nothing “brutal” or “savage” about these policies.

It is a shame Mr Scott has used PATCH, which does fantastic work in county to attack our local MP. Perhaps we could hear more criticism of the Welsh Government cutting services in Pembrokeshire when it has been given the money to keep them open!


Wallis Street