AFTER three referendums we obtained our Welsh Assembly, to much acclaim.

This, despite the fact, that only 3.2% of the population eligible to vote did so. It narrowly squeaked through and became law.

Many millions of pounds were spent on new buildings, offices throughout the UK and abroad, AM’s and their associated baggage, and all the trappings of what another tier of government brings.

This is all money that could have been invested in the infrastructure of the country, the Welsh NHS in particular.

How the 65% of the people who just could not bother to vote in the referendum must now rue their decision.

It is a bit too late now to hold protest meetings about the recent proposals at Withybush and the proposals on our local councils to be amalgamated or cut as unaffordable.

All this could have been foreseen; more government, more waste and everyone knows who pays.

The Welsh Assembly unfortunately is here to stay, but already they are saying that 60 AMs are far too few and that at least 80 or 100 are needed for the heavy work load they have created. Would that we could have another three referendums to try and right this complete waste of money.

In my opinion we are much better off as a United Kingdom.

Just how many millions of pounds have been wasted on this assembly and how much of an extra cost per year have we had to suffer since devolution to sustain it? I am Welsh and proud of it, but do we really need this assembly?

N R Brown