I AM a trustee of the Colostomy Association and I was very disturbed to receive a copy of the item that appeared in your January 15 issue about the closures of so many public conveniences throughout the district.

I was appalled to read about the number of proposed closures. I cannot believe that Pembrokeshire County Council is proposing to proceed with such drastic measures. I understand from your article that eight have already closed and more are scheduled for closure.

Everyone, residents, visitors and tourists have a right to the most basic of facilities when out and about. Your article did not say what the councils are putting in place to help people who need a toilet.

The result on people visiting an area without easy access to a public toilet is simple – they do not return. Has the Pembrokeshire Council listened to the voices raised in protest? Mothers with young children, the disabled, the Ostomates in the area?

Have their concerns been listened to? Has the council (yet again?) put the cost in money before the cost of caring about the most vulnerable?

Do please let me know – and about the feelings of the many people who are affected?

Our Association supports people who wear a pouch and the need to visit a toilet quickly when out and about.

Other organisations are concerned about the closures of so many public toilets that are affecting the lifestyle of so many people – why are their voices being ignored?