I HAVE for a long time campaigned for Pembrokeshire Cancer Patients and the need for a new Cancer Day Unit and improved Ward 10 at Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest.

I am greatly concerned, as are most of the Pembrokeshire public with the cut, cut, cut and cut some more attitude of the Hywel Dda Health Board, while Carmarthen gains services and a brand new Cancer Day Unit.

I read with interest the approved minutes of the Hywel Dda Charitable Funds Committee Meeting held on September 3, 2013.

The agenda item said: “The committee considered and agreed to ring fence the £300k towards the creation of a new Cancer Day Service and £250k for the refurbishment of Ward 10.”

This sounds brilliant, although we have been told that money has been ring fenced before and nothing has happened, but the next sentence says: “This development would help appease local feeling in Pembs and provide a positive message.”

So the Health Board are going to ‘appease’ the public of Pembrokeshire. What does appease mean to you?

To me it is to pacify or placate, to bring peace, quiet, or calm to; to soothe, or possibly in this case to shut them up.

The Pembrokeshire public do not want to be “appeased”

they want a new Cancer Day Unit and a refurbished Ward 10.

Many of us have gone through cancer, are going through cancer or will one day find out we have cancer.

We need proper facilities and top quality services. We have top quality doctors and nurses on CDU and Ward 10 at Withybush Hospital so give them the tools to do the job properly. The Pembrokeshire people have raised funds for many years. Years of promises, years of excuses, years of in-action. Give us the CDU and Ward 10 you have promised, or is that all going to Carmarthen as well?


Charity Coordinator Pembrokeshire Cancer Support